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ZP:S Lake Map Pack
Zombie Panic Source

Downloaded : 31 times
Size : 211 175
24 slots


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Click on this link to download the map→ ZP:S Lake Map Pack ←

Map description :


I decided to put this little map pack together to ensure these maps were preserved for those who wanted to find and play them or, possibly,
put their own server up with these maps on it. These days, not many Lake Maps servers exist and, unfortunately, not many places exist where
these maps can be downloaded, outside of scouring the internet for them. So, for the most part, many of these maps are passed down via someone's
map folder and have no real formal place to be downloaded from. Most of the authors of these maps have ended up disappearing out of gaming
entirely, so contacting or even knowing who they were is pretty much harder than it seems. So hopefully this map pack serves as a way to not
only download the maps, but to recognize the authors that created them.

For this map pack, I decided to put together not only the most popular/iconic lake maps, but the most optimized. Most of these maps in this pack
have been updated to more optimized versions of themselves. Most of the maps in the pack that I worked on are as optimized as they can get
(or as optimized as I am willing to get them) and most of the bugs/exploits in the maps have been fixed (aside from Source Engine stuff which
I have no control over in Hammer anyway). Any strange or unoptimized maps will be placed in the "Odd Lake Maps" folder. Be warned, they aren't
exactly very optimized and some of them are just out there. But they are there because they can be.

You will notice that there are a lot of "sffix" maps in this map pack. All of these maps had be redone by me, Mr. Silence, and you can see the
details/reason for my project here: But to give you the the short story: Back in May 2012, I
worked to get these maps working again due to an update to ZPS which practically killed maps like Lake, Church, and Cabin. I had obtained many of
the map's .vmf files through an ex-DiG member named Daimyo, who had gotten permission from many of the authors of these maps to work on them as he
saw fit. Well, being out of ZPS, he no longer had a reason to hold on to them, so he gave them to me. From there, I began my work to not only fix
the issues that broke these maps, but I also optimized them the best I could. From straightening up brush work, to adding optimization brushes,
I had pretty much fixed and cleaned up the maps the best I could. They run a lot smoother and the issues that caused many of the server crashes
due to the maps themselves are virtually non-existant, so running these maps on your server should be much easier to do now than previously.

For the most part, the maps I had worked on have stayed the same design wise. The only difference between the older versions and the newer ones
are that the world geometry has been straightened up, it has better optimization in general, props/bad entities are fixed, screwed up text has
now been fixed, and most, if not all, bugs/exploits (map related, not Source Engine related) have been fixed up.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. feel free to contact me on Gamebanana and/or on Steam. I'm always looking for
feedback and I don't mind a good chat either. If you think of a map that should be added or are a lake map author and want your map in this map
pack, contact me and I'll see about adding it.

I would like to thank Daimyo for providing me the .vmf files for these maps. If I had not gotten these items, this project would have been much
more tedious than it needed to be.

I want to extend thanks to the many authors of the Lake Maps in ZPS. Many good games and good times were had. Hopefully others will have as much
fun with them as I had.

I would also like to thank =DiG= for the time that they hosted their Lake Maps server. It was a good ride, but I suppose all good things must
come to an end.

Here is the list of maps in the pack as well as each map's authors (if they could be found). If you happen to know the author of a particular map
that I have listed as "Unknown", by all means, let me know so that I may give them the credit they deserve.

Original Author: Versus Terminus (former member of =DiG=),
Revised by: Mr.Silence

Original Author: Metal[rus],
Revised by: Mr.Silence

Original Author: Fly boy
Revised by: Mr.Silence

Original Author: Unknown
Revised by: Mr.Silence

Author: Twiggy (a.k.a: Twiggy Twink)

Original Author: Diamyo (former member of =DiG=)
Revised by: Mr.Silence

Original Author: Daniel Higgins (from the Legends Clan)
Revised by: Mr.Silence

Original Author: C4RT3R/Slyder (former member of =DiG=)
Revised by: Mr.Silence

Author: Mr.Silence

Author: Twiggy

Original Author: Iceman (former admin of =DiG=)
Revised by: Mr.Silence

Author: P

Original Author: Diamyo
Revised by: Mr.Silence

Author: Unknown

Author: Unknown

Original Author: Unknown
Revised by: Mr.Silence

Author: Unknown

Original Author: Unknown
Revised by: Daimyo

Author: Unknown (I'm willing to bet it is some guy named Mike)

If you are wondering why two lakebeds exist it is basically because the sffix was based off of the a5 version of lakebed. The a7 version is,
in my opinion, vastly different from a5, but its pretty neat, in its own right.


All the maps listed beside this README file that I fixed are pretty much in decent/good working order. They are optimized as best they can be
and have been tested enough for me to know that they work much better than the older versions of them. The other maps that I didn't edit are
also in working order and are simple enough to not cause too many problems, aside from some FPS drops that most lake maps have. The only map that
may end up being a problem would be the map zpo_lake_of_unknown, mainly due to the high entity count and the excessive amount of lights in the
map since the original author was a bit extravagant in his mapping. That said, the map worked well on the old =DiG= Lake Maps server and I've
optimized it more since then, so it should be a bit better.

The maps in the "Odd Lake Maps" folder are the ones that you should test at your own peril. Those maps are pretty much unoptimized, have horrible
FPS, or have gimmicks that can cause some problems for the server in general. The only map I worked on was the zpo_lake_of_fallen_frfinal map,
but it should be played with caution as well. As with unknown, the mapper (who is the same guy) was pretty extravagant in his usages of gimmicks
and entities. In this map, the tower can be broken and it will fall down on one side or another. However, due to the amazing amount of physics
that is generated because of this, it can not only cause FPS drops, but server lag and increase player ping up to +40m/s. This lag may stick with
the server and/or have undesired affects after the fact until server is restarted. At least that was the case before it was optimized. I had done
a lot of optimization to the map, as much as I could do which did see an increase pretty big increase to FPS and stability. However, I could do
nothing with the tower due to its sheer amount of complexity (as well as my lack of spending hours, if not days, trying to fix an issue that
should have been thought out better in the first place), so I left it as is.

I won't list the changes I made to every map I fiddled with here, but if you'd like to see a list of changes, got to my Lake Maps Changelog on
my website for more info (its far too big to list here):

List of files in the zip :

README.txt 8 Ko
zpo_dark_lake_redux.bsp 8 333 Ko
zpo_deadport_sffix.bsp 12 101 K
zpo_iceland_sffix.bsp 11 016 K
zpo_lake_of_acid_sffix.bsp 8 873 Ko
zpo_lake_of_deathrow_a4.bsp 7 345 Ko
zpo_lake_of_legends_sffix2.bsp 20 636 K
zpo_lake_of_sickness_sffix.bsp 6 737 Ko
zpo_lake_of_silence_final.bsp 16 339 K
zpo_lake_of_sorrows_b5.bsp 18 401 K
zpo_lake_of_storms_sffix.bsp 10 272 K
zpo_lake_of_the_dead_v2_p1.bsp 5 663 Ko
zpo_lake_of_unknown_final.bsp 12 141 K
zpo_lake_plasterd_v13fix.bsp 11 543 K
zpo_lakebed_a7.bsp 8 326 Ko
zpo_lakebed_sffix_final.bsp 5 838 Ko
zpo_dark_lake_redux.jpg 289 Ko
zpo_deadport_sffix.jpg 217 Ko
zpo_iceland_sffix.jpg 187 Ko
zpo_lake_of_acid_sffix.jpg 209 Ko
zpo_lake_of_darkness_b1.jpg 71 Ko
zpo_lake_of_deathrow_a4.jpg 201 Ko
zpo_lake_of_fallen_frfinal.jpg 248 Ko
zpo_lake_of_legends_sffix2.jpg 137 Ko
zpo_lake_of_sickness_sffix.jpg 225 Ko
zpo_lake_of_silence_final(nofog).jpg 167 Ko
zpo_lake_of_silence_final.jpg 146 Ko
zpo_lake_of_sorrows_b5.jpg 253 Ko
zpo_lake_of_storms_sffix(nofog).jpg 212 Ko
zpo_lake_of_the_dead_v2_p1.jpg 443 Ko
zpo_lake_of_unknown_final.jpg 223 Ko
zpo_lake_panache_redux1_p.jpg 171 Ko
zpo_lake_plasterd_v13fix.jpg 309 Ko
zpo_lakebed_a7.jpg 429 Ko
zpo_lakebed_sffix_final.jpg 358 Ko
zpo_lakemike_b3.jpg 196 Ko
zpo_lake_of_darkness_b1.bsp 15 608 K
zpo_lake_of_fallen_frfinal.bsp 8 551 Ko
zpo_lake_panache_redux1_p.bsp 4 852 Ko
zpo_lakemike_b3.bsp 13 885 K