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ons-deserted (1.5)
Unreal Tournament 2004

Downloaded : 1 times
Size : 19 985 K
32 slots
Version : Final/Stable


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Click on this link to download the map→ ons-deserted (1.5) ←

Map description :


This is ONS-Deserted V1.5. It is V1.5 because not all the bugs have been fixed yet
A complete list of changes:
-Added an Ion Plasma-tank and a Manta to both bases
-Added Minigun-turrets to all Powernodes
-Changed the Goliath-tank on the bridge to an Paladin
-The Powernode in the middle now spawns another Ion Plasma-tank, a Paladin and a Cicada instead of a Scorpion, a Manta and a Raptor
-Added a little place on the map with an Ion Painter, Big Keg o' Health, Super Shield Pack, Damage Amplifier, Minigun-turret and a Cicada.
Prepare for TOTAL PWNAGE!
-Two Minigun-turrets added for each Powercore

-Place ONS-Deserted into your UT2004/Maps folder.
-If you dont have the ECE Bonus Pack for UT2004, download and install it. Deserted CAN NOT BE PLAYED without it.

Known bugs:
-When bots use a vehicle like a Ion Plasma-tank, they do NOT exit the vehicle near a Powernode to capture it.
-Minigun-turrets spawn even before the Powernode is captured. I need to know how to let Minigun-turrets spawn AFTER the Powernode is captured.
-The Paladin tank that usually would spawn when the middle Powernode has been captured (not the one on the bridge), doesn't spawn.

Planned for the future version:
-Two Minigun-turrets for each Powercore
-Add own screenshots for Deserted - now still uses regular screenshots for Arctic Stronghold
-And more! You will have to find out for yourselves at that time - i'm not going to tell you now!

Raygen (me)
Epic Games, for UT2004 and the original ONS-Arctic_Stronghold

If you plan to edit this version, or the future one, give me credit. One thing i really hate is people editing my stuff and then say they made evrything.
Do NOT E-Mail or report errors or bugs to Epic Games, because they didn't make this file. Send them to me:
I could also use some help fixing things like Minigun-turrets and not-powernode-capturing-bots (see "Known bugs"). My E-Mail Adress is above.

List of files in the zip :

Screen5.jpg 49 Ko
Screen3.jpg 1 440 Ko
Screen4.jpg 1 440 Ko
Screen2.jpg 1 440 Ko
Screen1.jpg 1 440 Ko
ONS-DesertedV1.5Readme.txt 2 Ko
ONS-Deserted.ut2 14 173 K