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Unreal Tournament 2004

Downloaded : 73 times
Size : 29 245 K
4 slots
Version : Final/Stable

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Click on this link to download the map→ dm-getherto ←

Map description :

Name: DM-Getherto
Author: Virgo47
Version: rc1
Date: 27. 3. 2006

Smaller-medium DM map suitable for 2on2/4on4 matches, duels possible. :-)

When Liandri corporation opened 'JAR-34' arena (Just Another Rankin - 34th
industrial in its possession), no one could expect that players would name
the arena on their own. Liandri chose an interesting man to make an arena
keeper. Merty Getherto, former gardener and sprayer, surely imprinted his
individuality to the face of the arena. Nobody calls it by other name but
'The Getherto'. And he is also funny guy, really. Even Malcolm likes talking
with him for a few minutes before he enters another match to win.

About the map:

This is my second map and I learned a lot on it. :-)

Map has three main sections (a100, a50 and DD) with a lot of connectivity
between them. Central area is inspired by one shopping centre in Bratislava.
Long ramp is in fact escalator where I the idea for this map hit me. Other
two sections were added with simple things on my mind: a100 will be in some
kind of dead end and DD will be attackable from everywhere. A100 room was
build as first and it was sized down a little (and still could be smaller,
but I did not know how to do it without breaking other things). It is
derived from Rankin and I could not hide it enough later. ;-)

Central area have had only two levels originaly connected only with long ramp.
It was a bad place, but fortunately I fixed it with partition walls (red Rankin
brick). With addition of semilevel with adrenaline (and related wall and hole
to a100 room) it became quite nice close quarter combat down there.

DD room was last one and its layout was made really quickly. Originally it
contained jumppad and with it it strongly reminded Campgrounds DD room.
Later the pad was moved near current rocket launcher because it did not
provide so many possibilities as lift. Later the room became open from the top
and whole atmosphere of this place was changed to current courtyard.

Foliage on the map was planned from the start - because there is a lot of
plants in aforementioned shopping centre. :-) Later the idea of gardener arose
(thanks to JP-Studios) and soon after that Getherto became its surename.
Before that Getherto was just the word "Together" with shifted letters, because
our shopping park have a name Polus what is shifted "spolu" and that means
"together" in Slovak. :-) In fact, Getherto was the first sure thing about this
map. Getherto supposed to be Marty originaly, but this was changed because of
the "GetHerTo Me(rty)" writing on the wall.

I hardly tried to provide the best gameplay I could for the initial layout
ideas. Bots like nearly every place and they know the map really well. :-)

- Hourences for some HourIndusX textures and some static meshes from Redkin (in addition to retail levels ;-))
- Fan klan 47 and other players from Slovak community that helped me with suggestions
- for some images placed on "sprayed wall"
- Miramar skybox by Jockum Skoglund aka hipshot (I just changed brightness and contrast for night effect)
- I used some textures by Chavez (chavitex pack)
- Special thanks for feedback goes to: Sjosz, evil<3 and Turret49
- Another people that helped the map to be better: Turns2Ashes, CMan
- Thanks for technical help (forums, tutorials): Hourences, Angel Mapper, Hazel.H
- JP-Studios inspired me to bring gardener into the story
- Unreal Exploiters for feedback
- Any other author of any retail material

Forum threads:

Following music boosters were used (a lot):
Mozart's Requiem
Carpark North

You MAY NOT use this level for another work without permissions - mainly
because some contained material is made by other respective authors. Just
simply use retail material from elsewhere and if you want something from this
level, contact me and I tell you whose static mesh (or texture) it is. ;-)

List of files in the zip :

readme.txt 4 Ko
DM-Getherto.ut2 29 241 K