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Team Fortress 2

Downloaded : 7 times
Size : 75 281 K
32 slots
Version : Final/Stable 1


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Click on this link to download the map→ trade_Appleoosa ←

Map description :

Look what we have got here, a very funny person,
who names the Readme file 'ignoreme' so people open it.
Congratulations you are one of those people, now here
is my favorite part in releasing - the Readme.


Before we start I may explain you how to use this file.
haha, just kidding, I mean the map file.
Simply extract trade_Appleoosa_v.bsp into this folder:
X:Steamsteamapps eam fortress 2 fmaps
If you would like to test the map alone, open your console.
That can be done either using '~' in-game or by setting the
launch option -console and restarting the game.
After that you type in "lol do you really read this?"
and then "map trade_Appleoosa_v"


This map is a replica of Appleoosa
including an huge open area and the buffaloo camp in
proper distance of course.

My primary goal has been to create Appleoosa as good as
possible in Hammer by using the Episode 'Over a Barrel'.
Additionally, there are several secrets as well as interior
in all buildings.

A sidenote, even though there are areas where you can
listen to "pony-music" the map contains no pony cardboards
or pictures (ok except one, go find it) in it.


Here is the short -but true- story how this map has been
created. I used to work on an Achievementmap years ago,
called Achievement_tiny-huge. This part of the story is
too long already so I keep it short, eventually someone
found it and put it on their server. The admins and I
are still in good contact.

In my desperation to finally play Guild Wars 2 I received
an offer from 'Cary Grant' (dont rely on that name he
changes it daily) telling me he has a job.
Sounded like a regular "please make a new version of
tiny-huge" request.

Surprisingly he had another intention, which was like this
"please make appleoosa from my little pony". He wanted to
start a trade server back then and looked for an original
map, sounds fun and then I started draining my time with
this project.

This happened January 2012.


Your faithful Architect - 24 March 2012

List of files in the zip :

ignoreme.txt 2 Ko
trade_Appleloosa_v1.bsp 73 720 K
1.jpg 602 Ko
2.jpg 504 Ko
3.jpg 452 Ko