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Quake 4

Downloaded : 3 times
Size : 1 110 Ko
Version : Final/Stable

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Click on this link to download the map→ minidm_jr ←

Map description :

Minidm by Jenova*Rebirth*

Contact :


Place the minidm_jr.pk4 into your q4base folder

This map is a quick thing I threw together to see how the engine works and how lighting effects work,
since this is my firts outting with the quake 4 map editor i have yet to figure out hwo to make the map
selectable form the menu so you will have to use the console when hosting a game to load the map. Sorry

It was initially a very bland 1 texture room but i made it inot a small dm just to use as a rocket arena sort of thing,
a jump pad shootsyou ont the center roof where the rocket launcher is and you spawn next to the machine gun.

There a bits of cover for you but you will have to rely on your reflexes to survive.

If you would liek to open up the .map file to take a look at things, please do, I dont mind you learning from my map


List of files in the zip :

minidm_jr.pk4 936 Ko
minidm.JPG 173 Ko
minidm readme.txt 1 Ko