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portal | underground story

Downloaded : 5 times
Size : 95 992 K
1 slots
Version : Final/Stable 1.0


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Click on this link to download the map→ portal | underground story ←

Map description :

Portal | Underground Story
created by Marty and Toby.

Part One name : Project One
Part Two name : Project twO

Email -

Special Thanks to:

And you, if you have played the map.


This Portal story is based on the MTN Portal Story | Part One!
This mappack includes around 75 levels,
The longest custom map so far.

Features: Project twO

# Based on MTN Portal Story | Part One.
# More than 45 test chambers.
# Level design similar to the original Portal style.
# Level difficulty is balanced, like the original.
# New gameplay elements, e.g. super jumps and red laser.
# Easter eggs and secret chambers.
# Several paths and two possible endings.
# Awesome storyline.
# Epic moments/endings.


To install, follow these steps:

First, if you already have installed the MTN Portal Story | Part One,
delete the MTN_portal_story folder in the Maps subfolder in your Portal directory.
After that, continue with the following:

1. Open the portal_underground_story compressed file with WinRar.

2. Extract everything from the Maps folder to your Portal directory.

C:Program FilesSteamsteamappsportalportalMaps

3. Load up Portal, the story will be in the Bonus Maps, named "Portal Underground Story"

4. Play through the maps, the level will change as you get to a certain point. The puzzles get harder as you move on.

5. Once you have completed all the maps and have seen the ending, the game will return to the main menu.

6. If you have encountered any bugs or want to give feedback, feel free to send an e-mail.

OBS: There is a bug when you changelevel from map "MTN_chamber_04_1"


If you are going to edit my creation / use for advertisement or add into it; you must give me credit and ask for my permission.
If you are going to make videos / movies of these maps (e.g. make a speed run / play through of the map) feel free but if you are using it in a trailer of some sort, again, please ask for permission and give credit to me for the map.

Please give me some feedback!

Have Fun!


List of files in the zip :

READ_ME!.txt 2 Ko
Map 1.jpg 64 Ko
Map 2.jpg 65 Ko
Map 3.jpg 51 Ko
Map 4.jpg 63 Ko
Portal map.jpg 171 Ko
Thumbs.db 18 Ko
Picture_1.jpg 17 Ko
Picture_2.jpg 135 Ko
Picture_3.jpg 169 Ko
Picture_4.jpg 205 Ko
Picture_5.jpg 164 Ko
Picture_6.jpg 125 Ko
Picture_7.jpg 127 Ko
Thumbs.db 29 Ko
mtn_chamber_01_1.bsp 11 146 K
mtn_chamber_01_2.bsp 5 862 Ko
mtn_chamber_01_3.bsp 4 978 Ko
mtn_chamber_02_1.bsp 7 293 Ko
mtn_chamber_02_3.bsp 5 155 Ko
mtn_chamber_03_1.bsp 6 185 Ko
mtn_chamber_03_1_flee_1.bsp 2 355 Ko
mtn_chamber_03_1_flee_2.bsp 10 965 K
mtn_chamber_04_1.bsp 2 722 Ko
mtn_chamber_05_1.bsp 3 712 Ko
mtn_chamber_training.bsp 1 042 Ko
mtn_pm1.bsp 8 398 Ko
mtn_pm2.bsp 8 105 Ko
mtn_pm3.bsp 12 924 K
mtn_pm4.bsp 3 516 Ko
mtn_chamber_01_1.ain 1 Ko
mtn_chamber_01_2.ain 1 Ko
mtn_chamber_01_3.ain 1 Ko
mtn_chamber_02_1.ain 1 Ko
mtn_chamber_02_3.ain 1 Ko
mtn_chamber_03_1.ain 1 Ko
mtn_chamber_03_1_flee_1.ain 1 Ko
mtn_chamber_03_1_flee_2.ain 1 Ko
mtn_chamber_04_1.ain 1 Ko
mtn_chamber_05_1.ain 1 Ko
mtn_chamber_training.ain 1 Ko
mtn_pm1.ain 1 Ko
mtn_pm2.ain 1 Ko
mtn_pm3.ain 1 Ko
mtn_pm4.ain 1 Ko
Training.bns 1 Ko
foldericon.tga 54 Ko
folderinfo.bns 1 Ko
one.tga 54 Ko
portalstory1.bns 1 Ko
portalstory2.bns 1 Ko
training.tga 54 Ko
twO.tga 54 Ko