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mtn portal story

Downloaded : 4 times
Size : 33 503 K
1 slots
Version : Final/Stable 3.0


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Click on this link to download the map→ mtn portal story ←

Map description :

MTN Portal Story is created by me, Martin.

Map name: MTN PM 01/02/03/04

Special Thanks to:

Tobias, my big brother who has tested my maps, helped me find some bugs, and helped to build some small parts of a map.
Niels, my friend on MSN who helped me with some Hammer Editor problems.
Grudge, my friend on MSN who helped me fix the map so it can be played with no errors.
Powell, my friend on MSN who have spellchecked this error-filled readme.
soad667, a special thanks for him, who helped me with making the map playable via Bonus Maps, spellchecking the readme, and gave me feedback!
And you, if you have played my map. Thanks!


To install, follow these steps:

1. Open the MTN_Portal_Story compressed file with WinRar.

2. Extract everything from the Maps folder to your portal directory.

C:Program FilesSteamsteamappsportalportalMaps

3. If asked to overwrite anything, say YES. (mabye you don't have to overwrite anything.)

4. Load up Portal, the map will be in the Bonus Maps. named "MTN Portal Story"

5. Play through the maps, the level will change as you get to a certain point. The puzzles get harder as you move on.

6. Once you have completed all 4 maps and have seen the ending, the game will disconnect to the main menu for you.

7. If you have encountered any bugs or want to give feedback, feel free to e-mail me. If you have a 'Thinking with Portals' account, post in my topic. Username "Skinnycap".


If you are going to edit my creation / use for advertisement or add into it; you must give me credit and ask for my permission.
If you are going to make videos / movies of these maps (e.g. make a speed run / play through of the map) feel free but if you are using it in a trailer of some sort, again, please ask for permission and give credit to me for the map.

Please give me some feedback!

Have Fun!


List of files in the zip :

Map 1.jpg 64 Ko
Map 2.jpg 65 Ko
Map 3.jpg 51 Ko
Map 4.jpg 63 Ko
Portal map.jpg 171 Ko
READ_ME!.txt 2 Ko
Thumbs.db 29 Ko
mtn_pm1.bsp 8 398 Ko
mtn_pm2.bsp 8 108 Ko
mtn_pm3.bsp 12 924 K
mtn_pm4.bsp 3 516 Ko
foldericon.tga 54 Ko
folderinfo.bns 1 Ko
portalstory1.bns 1 Ko
portalstory1.tga 54 Ko
mtn_pm1.ain 1 Ko
mtn_pm2.ain 1 Ko
mtn_pm3.ain 1 Ko
mtn_pm4.ain 1 Ko