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Minecraft - White Leaf Town

Downloaded : 0 times
Size : 26 691 K
32 slots
Version : Final/Stable 1.2

Oups, Sorry...
Un probleme à été détecté sur cette map.
L'administrateur vient d'etre averti.

A probleme was detected on this map.
Administrator has just been contacted.

Map description :

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
To view a copy of this license,

SHIRONOHA - A Minecraft City


1. What will you find in this map?

An awesome RPG map, with a big and pretty city, oriental style, with tons of
features and secrets.

2. What can you do with this map?

Play on it with your friends, use it on your server, make
videos on it or play alone on it. I recommend playing it in
multiplayer. In other words, you can enjoy with it.

3. What CAN'T you do with this map?

Claim it as yours, or make money with it (either with advertisements
like adfly, by selling it, or indirectly with advertisements on a video).

4. Who made this map?

Trollkastel8190, Clapercito, Leynaf, romanturbo, and a lot of people
who are mentioned in the signs.

5 What versi?n?

From 1.2.5, and so on.


Just copy the "the_definitive_city" folder into your minecraft
saves folder. In windows it should be in %appdata%/.minecraft/saves

Then load it in Minecraft.

You can also add it into your server folder, and modify the map name
into the file to make your server load it.

If you need help, google/bing should be able to solve all of your
problems. If not, you can always panic and run in circles.

List of files in the zip :

ReadMe.txt 1 Ko
license.png 20 Ko
map.png 196 Ko
shironoha.png 1 318 Ko
level.dat 1 Ko
level.dat_old 1 Ko
railcraft.dat 1 Ko
session.lock 1 Ko
uid.dat 1 Ko
idcounts.dat 1 Ko
map_0.dat 1 Ko
Clapercito.dat 1 Ko
Leynaf.dat 1 Ko
Sergi_ibz.dat 1 Ko
Trollkastel8190.dat 1 Ko
romanturbo.dat 1 Ko
r.-1.-1.mca 20 Ko
r.-1.-5.mca 229 Ko
r.-1.-6.mca 1 687 Ko
r.-1.-7.mca 454 Ko
r.-1.0.mca 20 Ko
r.-2.-5.mca 1 400 Ko
r.-2.-6.mca 5 365 Ko
r.-2.-7.mca 1 855 Ko
r.-3.-5.mca 868 Ko
r.-3.-6.mca 2 617 Ko
r.-3.-7.mca 868 Ko
r.0.-1.mca 49 Ko
r.0.0.mca 49 Ko
r.1.1.mca 1 368 Ko
r.1.2.mca 761 Ko
r.19.19.mca 2 928 Ko
r.19.20.mca 393 Ko
r.2.1.mca 2 756 Ko
r.2.2.mca 942 Ko
r.20.19.mca 413 Ko
r.20.20.mca 98 Ko