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Cloud Land

Downloaded : 6 times
Size : 22 807 K
2 slots
Version : Beta V1.1


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Click on this link to download the map→ Cloud Land ←

Map description :

Table of contents 1. Rules 2. Checkpoints 3. Story 4. Cloud land [DESTROYED] RULES 1. You may break wood, but only when told to. 2. You may break clay, but only if you have a shovel. 3. ONLY read the .TXT files in the READ folder if you have been told to. 4. Only Player 1 can take from the player 1 starter's chest, and only Player 2 may take from the player 2 starter's chest. 5. You MUST use the texture pack included in this folder, otherwise nothing will make sense. 6. If you are using the SPC mod, then you will be able to use checkpoints, see below for more details. 7. Always have a backup of the world, you'd be surprised about how much you can die in the clouds. 8. TRUST THE SIGNS 9. Do not look at anything in the EXTRAS folder until you beat the game 10. You must play on Peaceful at all times. CHECKPOINTS Use the /goto command to use checkpoints Start - The start of the game Fork - The fork in the road towards the beginning House - The mysterious house JumpMazeTemple - The jumping maze Ship - The abandoned airship NETHER Netherhouse - the destroyed house in the nether STORY You have been flying your airship through the clouds for months, looking for adventure, hoping to follow in your dead father's footsteps. Your helium supply is running out and you need to dock, but there is no town in sight! You land near a cloud, and you are surprised to find that you are able to step upon it and not fall through! you grab your supplies and set off on your adventure! Cloud Land [DESTROYED] The CL [DS] file is from when i messed up with some redstone torches and accidentally blew up an important chunk of the map. (NOTE: CONTAINS SPOILERS)

List of files in the zip : 438 Ko
ReadMe.txt 1 Ko
level.dat 1 Ko
level.dat_old 1 Ko 1 Ko
session.lock 1 Ko
spc.settings 1 Ko
waypoints.dat 1 Ko
waypoints.dat_old 1 Ko
r.-1.-1.mcr 1 302 Ko
r.-1.0.mcr 856 Ko
r.0.-1.mcr 1 118 Ko
r.0.0.mcr 1 462 Ko
r.-1.-1.mcr 3 514 Ko
r.-1.-2.mcr 2 441 Ko
r.-1.0.mcr 1 638 Ko
r.0.-1.mcr 2 609 Ko
r.0.-2.mcr 4 022 Ko
r.0.0.mcr 2 064 Ko
r.1.-1.mcr 266 Ko
r.1.-2.mcr 782 Ko
Child.png 1 Ko
Landscape.png 7 Ko
Timeline.txt 1 Ko
Clue01.txt 1 Ko
Drawings.png 110 Ko
MiningBible.txt 1 Ko
Note01.txt 1 Ko
Returning.txt 1 Ko
anangel.png 23 Ko
angelsnest.png 136 Ko
beatthegame.txt 1 Ko
herdiary.txt 4 Ko
supersecret.txt 1 Ko
thelostpage.txt 1 Ko