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The Redmurk Mystery

Downloaded : 6 times
Size : 18 557 K
Version : Unspecified 1.4

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Click on this link to download the map→ The Redmurk Mystery ←

Map description :

The Redmurk Mystery V1.2

To install:

Place the Redmurk folder into .minecraftsaves



1. Do not break any block other than sand, clay or gravel
unless otherwise directed.

2. You may use any items found in chests for crafting, but
please do not use items from other sources (monster drops
are acceptable but crafting tnt would be cheating).

3. Collect diamonds to increase your score. You may use any
you find to craft diamond weapons, tools or armour if you run
into trouble, but this will decrease your final score.

4. This map is designed to be played on normal or above, but
you do not have to fight monsters if you do not want to.



Fixed an issue with a sign that used the pre-release name of "Redmist".
Added clearer direction to the library.


Modified a puzzle in the Sand Shrine to remove the need to take damage.
Fixed the library to make the puzzle less frustrating.
Modified the Gauntlet to make a chest necessary to progress easier to find.


Fixed a typo on one of the story signs.
Made a minor cosmetic change to the lighthouse.
Clairifed the inital puzzle in the Fire Shrine.
Moved a chest in the Sand Shrine one block up.
Added a proper conculsion to the Vault.
Modified several story signs.


Increased the difficulty of an Ice Shrine puzzle slightly.
Modified a number of areas with missing blocks for cosmetic reasons.
Rebalanced the number of clay blocks in the Gauntlet.
Fixed another sign typo.
Removed a sign that was causing confusion.
Made the lift in the Ice Shrine more dangerous to use without a boat.
Removed a normally hidden area used during development.


List of files in the zip :

ReadMe.txt 1 Ko
level.dat 1 Ko
level.dat_old 1 Ko
session.lock 1 Ko
r.-1.-1.mcr 643 Ko
r.-1.0.mcr 196 Ko
r.0.-1.mcr 761 Ko
r.0.0.mcr 212 Ko
r.-1.-1.mcr 1 630 Ko
r.-1.-2.mcr 2 469 Ko
r.-1.-3.mcr 2 191 Ko
r.-1.-4.mcr 225 Ko
r.-1.0.mcr 77 Ko
r.0.-1.mcr 2 449 Ko
r.0.-2.mcr 3 010 Ko
r.0.-3.mcr 3 358 Ko
r.0.-4.mcr 1 298 Ko
r.0.0.mcr 28 Ko