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Canyon Oasis Survival
Left 4 Dead 2

Downloaded : 3 times
Size : 48 331 K
4 slots
Version : Final/Stable 1.1

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Click on this link to download the map→ Canyon Oasis Survival ←

Map description :

Survive Canyon Oasis
By BeefCaike

A Multiplayer Survival map for "Left 4 Dead 2"

Created for nostalgic reasons involving one of the best FPS games ever: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.
Not because it is some nerdy Star Wars game, but because it is simply awesome. It was made in 1997,
which was a really long time ago, but it is still very fun to play today.

This map was created to resemble Canyon Oasis from Jedi Knight. Of course, it needed some spiffing up
to be playable in L4D2 without completely sucking, so you will notice some new stuff.

It feels almost as if this Canyon Oasis were populated at one time, and thrived for many years. It was
used as an outpost in the mountains, and was pimped out for whatever reason. It was all good until
someone locked the entrance door while the crew was still inside! Funny thing is, they forgot their
climbing gear, and are now totally screwed LOL! They can try to use the radio, but it has a weird effect
on the brains of infected people... sort of like a pigeon's long range navigation! They just get sucked
towards it like a fly to a human turd! Good thing there are a pile of guns laying all over the place in
case a zombie or two ever came wandering by.

Have fun, and see if you can beat my epic time of 24:32. I doubt you will make it.

Beefy - a.k.a DraLLoC

JK Website:
IRC Chat Room: #jk

Special Thanks to SM_Sith_Lord, EAH_Triscuit, Betty, ZeqMacaw for Beta Testing.
Very Special Thanks to EAH_Triscuit for funding this operation.
Thanks to YOU for playing and loving this map forever!
I also look forward to your comments about the map!
Map construction and completion: 2/1/2010 - 2/15/2010.


List of files in the zip :

Readme.txt 1 Ko
l4d2_sv_canyonoasis.vpk 48 329 K