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Half-Life 2 > Deathmatch

Downloaded : 0 times
Size : 13 072 K
24 slots
Version : Final/Stable

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Click on this link to download the map→ tdmctf_riot_b1 ←

Map description :

INTRODUCTION: Title : Riot Type : Half-Life 2 deathmatch 'capture the flag' level Date : 18th February 2005 Filename : tdmctf_riot_b1.bsp Filesize : 12.3mb Author : Keved Home Page : Email Addess : INSTALLATION: Put all files into ..ValveSteamSteamAppsyourusernamehalf-life 2 deathmatchhl2mpmaps Important...when starting the server ensure you have 'teamplay' ticked. CREDITS: Unknown author of tdm_flagtest.vmf which served as a basis for my ctf entities. The doorways with six glass panels are from the Valve DM_Lockdown vmf file. All other brushwork is new. INFORMATION: A Capture The Flag level set inside a prison during a riot. The prisoners are in command of the prison, with Combine armed forces brought in to breach the walls. Enter the enemy base and bring THEIR flag back to the starting position of YOUR flag, while trying to prevent the enemy team capturing your own flag. Each flag capture adds one point to your team's score. The first team to ten points wins. The Rebel spawn room has shotguns and full ammo for the shotgun, standard machine gun and frag grenades, whilst the Combine spawn room has Combine machine guns and full ammo for the Combine MG, standard machine gun and frag grenades. This is to avoid newly spawned players having to circle the level trying to find adequate weapons and ammo before finally joining their team's efforts to capture the enemy flag. As soon as you spawn you can pickup a decent weapon and plenty of ammo, then get straight into the action. To open an ammo crate simply press your 'use' key when close to & facing it. The Rebel spawn room does not have an ammo crate for shotgun ammo. Instead there are a number of standard individual shotgun ammo pickups. This is simply because the shotgun ammo crate does not work and requires fixing by Valve. :) Players cannot return to spawn rooms. Leaving each spawn room requires jumping down off a ledge which is too high to jump back up onto. I didn't want to have team-only doors confusing players (or any moving doors at all), or coloured forcefields destroying the prison ambience. Apart from a handful of destroyable tables in the canteen there are no dynamic props at all in the level. This is mostly to prevent teams hoarding dynamic props and barricading their flag with them, and also to ensure good online performance. There is only one Slam weapon pickup in the level, located in the canteen under the RPG. This is to prevent it being too easy to set up lots of boobytraps around your flag. The 'tdmctf' part of the file name stands for 'Teamplay DeathMatch Capture The Flag'. There is an easter egg (secret room) somewhere in the level. Can you find it? :) Comments & suggestions on this beta release are welcome. TEXTURES: Some of the textures used are my own versions of the standard HL2 Valve textures. Most obvious are the textures with red & blue stripes to denote which base you are in. I have also removed the bump mapping graphical effect from some textures to improve performance. There are also 3 new black/cream floor tile decals. All new textures have been included in the bsp for ease of distribution. Email me if you want the texture vmt and vtf files for us Alternatively, if you know how to use bspzip you can extract them from the bsp yourself.e in your own levels.

List of files in the zip :

tdmctf_riot_b1.txt 3 Ko
tdmctf_riot_b1.bsp 13 069 K