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Half-Life 2

Downloaded : 7 times
Size : 41 043 K
Version : Final/Stable


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Click on this link to download the map→ smc_city_01 ←

Map description :


Series name: Return of the Resistance

Chapter: 1

Chapter title: ...Live to Fight Another Day.

Author: WhiteLegion


Website: WWW.SOURCEMAPSCOLLECTIVE.COM (come visit again for the continuation)

Release Date: 4/12/05

Maps: (4) smc_city_01, smc_city_02, smc_city_03, smc_city_04

Extra: 2 New VCDs (but they were zipped into the bsp,
so eveything should be fine, but they were inclued just in case)

Instaltion: Merely place the maps (.bsp) into your
C:Program FilesValveSteamSteamAppsyouremailhalf-life 2hl2maps,
place the sound caches (.cache) in C:Program FilesValveSteamSteamAppsyouremailhalf-life 2hl2mapssoundcache
place the ain files (.ain) into C:Program FilesValveSteamSteamAppsyouremailhalf-life 2hl2mapsgraphs
If needed place the VCD (.vcd) into the C:Program FilesValveSteamSteamAppsyouremailhalf-life 2hl2scenes
(but this isn't necicery because I put them directly into the bsp file).

To play the game: Type intp the consle "map smc_city_01", this starts the adventure and there should be no need
to load the other maps individually (but you may do so as you've been pre equiped with weapons so you may
continue from any map)

How to play the game: I suggest playing the levels on hard mode first, then lower the diffuculty if you cannot
beat it, as the levels were designed around having it on hard mode.

Bugs/errors: There has been a bug from time to time that pops up, this may occur when you load a quick-save in
the levels and some text will say "AI disabled". If this happens then you must close out HL2 entiely and load the
level smc_city_01 and start from the begining. If this occurs please email,
with the problem, so we may fix it in a later version (note it may also be that you may be running these maps
on an out dated HL2 engine and that is causing the problems). For a quick fix go into you cfg file and type in
ai_disable 0 and save it...this is know to solve the problem from time to time.

Easter eggs: There are a few but I will not mention any

Notes about the Story: This first chapter doesn't say much about the story as a whole.
As more chapters are released the story will unfold.
Basically Combine have control of the city, Gordon (you) must escape and regroup with
the resistence.


Story: You are Gordon Freeman (aka: the "Free-man"), you were placed in the city over powered by
the combine force to help the resistance. After the revolt started you hear some startling news:
The combine have a new weapon in place. That place being outer space. The combine have launched
a satelite that will reign down hell on the rebels if you dont do something fast! Luckily the satelite
isnt in full operation yet, so there is still time to deactivate it. Now you must fight your way through
the city and escape so that you may some how deactivate the satelite. Enter: ...Live to Fight Another Day.


List of files in the zip :

SMC_chapter 1 readme.txt 3 Ko
smc_01.jpg 87 Ko
smc_02.jpg 115 Ko
smc_03.jpg 118 Ko
smc_city_01.bsp 12 611 K
smc_city_02.bsp 6 587 Ko
smc_city_03.bsp 3 590 Ko
smc_city_04.bsp 14 143 K
smc_city_01.ain 52 Ko
smc_city_02.ain 14 Ko
smc_city_03.ain 21 Ko
smc_city_04.ain 49 Ko
smc_city_01.cache 1 361 Ko
smc_city_02.cache 313 Ko
smc_city_03.cache 1 036 Ko
smc_city_04.cache 933 Ko
city_intro_messenger.vcd 1 Ko
city_intro_messenger2.vcd 1 Ko