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Half-Life 2

Downloaded : 10 times
Size : 4 790 Ko
Version : Final/Stable


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Click on this link to download the map→ CombineOnslaught ←

Map description :

Combine Onslaught
A Singleplayer map for Half Life 2
Created by StiffyLS

You and some Rebel friends are held up in a building, and the Combine are coming.
Do you have what it takes to hold off the invading Combine forces?

Installation Procedures:
-Extract the included files to valveSteamSteamAppsHalf-Life 2HL2Maps
-Start Half-Life2 and goto the console by pressing ~ ( If nothing happens, you may have to enable it by
going into Options > Keyboard tab > Advanced... and enable Developer Console.)
-In the console type "Map CombineOnslaught" and get ready!

NOTICE: Be sure to copy the combineonslaught.ain file in the Graphs folder to HL2MapsGraphs
If you don't, when you first run the map, you will get a message "Node Graph out of Date....
Building New One..." If you see this message, then simply reload the map again by
pressing ~ (console) and typing "reload" or "map CombineOnslaught" and it'll be fixed.

To Hard? Turn down the difficulty.

To Easy? Turn up the difficulty.

This was my first map I've made. I hope that you enjoy this map, and that it don't fustrate you too much, hehe
I am looking forward to making more maps/models for Half-Life 2 here in the short future. If you have any
questions or comments, please email me at the link provided below. Thanks to Valve for this kickass game,
and to all the Half-Life community for keeping this game one of the best!

Signing Out,
StiffyLS (

List of files in the zip :

CO-Readme-Install.txt 2 Ko
CombineOnslaught.bsp 4 221 Ko
CombineOnslaught01.jpg 165 Ko
CombineOnslaught02.jpg 150 Ko
CombineOnslaught03.jpg 114 Ko
combineonslaught.ain 136 Ko