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Downloaded : 3 times
Size : 5 835 Ko
10 slots
Version : Final/Stable

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Click on this link to download the map→ dmcore ←

Map description :

DmCore V 1.5

Release date: october 27 2004, Gothenburg, Sweden
Half-life Deathmatch (HLDM)

title: DmCore v1.5
name: DmCore.bsp
author: Filip Coulianos aka MisterBister
email address:
URL: here and there
description: A deatmatch map!?

Play information

deathmatch: 4-10
team deathmatch: if you like teamDM, then yes =)
new sounds: no
new graphics: yes
new music: no


base: none
editor: Worldcraft 3.3
other progs: Photoshop 8, notepad
known bugs: None.
build time: About a month

Other notes:
This map is the result of hard work and great friends with alot of
great ideas and very constructive criticism.

Thanks to:
Fox1 For letting me use his very nice textures.
Evil Lair For makring such great textures for me to use in the map.
Wolf/sky For being a great friend with lots of creative ideas.
My girlfriend For having huge patience and for understanding my computer interests.
My mom and dad For giving me good food ;).
Ratface For good support.
Xlator For great friendship.
Coldblooded For all the great hours of Dawn of war i played with you, remember when we kicked 4 computers on "harder". Friggin great game ^_^.
The guys at wadfahter For making really great textures, many of which i have used in this map.
Lonedog For paying the pizza bill every now and then. (I promise to pay you back sometime, really I will ;) )
Ace For being a great supporter.
Xerent For nothing!!! (Hahaha).
Hellquist For being a Cool and odd person ( no offence there m8 =) ).
Vetebulle For good friendship.
Icystrike aka kuken Also for good friendship.
Xioxis For great support.
Notuern Also for great support.
Alice in chains Also for making FUCKING GREAT MUSIC!
Zyndrome For being a cool guy.
Radeon For all the fun hours of starwars galaxies I've had with you.
Blazeeer For making me feel that I have to make better maps than you (which I don't).
Olleman For great support.
Snigeln For having patience with me and all my stupid computer questions and also for being a really great friend.
Zandor For being a very, very, great friend.
Prometeus For being a really great friend and support and lots of creative ideas back in the old days :).
Grizzly For giving me the idea of making the "pipe" on this map ;).
Tracer Bullet For giving me useful critics and for taking alot of effort to show me his opinion.
ReNo For taking your time to highlight varius issues about the map and present it to me.
Plupp For being a cool guy and for avoiding singing the drunk

Special thanks to:

The rest of the people at and for all the positive responses to this map and for all the constructive criticism and all the support ,all the great friendship and, and, and, and... Well you get it guys, thanks to you all.

AND the greatest thanks to YOU for downloading this map and taking your time to read this document!

? 2004 Filip Coulianos aka MisterBister

List of files in the zip :

DmCore.bsp 5 831 Ko
Dmcore.txt 3 Ko