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Scary Gmod Coop X
Garry's Mod

Downloaded : 72 times
Size : 6 886 Ko
4 slots
Version : Final/Stable 1


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Click on this link to download the map→ Scary Gmod Coop X ←

Map description :

Firstly, this might be my last *sniff* Scary Gmod Coop.
Secondly, don't noclip.
Thirdly, There must be atleast 2 players. I recommend 3 though.
...2 is lame.

FOURTHLY(?), don't run, stick together, use weapons if you want (only hl2 guns), don't noclip(again).

Also the map isn't bugged (Well thats what I hope), so just keep searching till you get the text "The end".


Made by Hannu Korvala, alias [APG]Emnu

This is the fourth scary gmod coop, this is simply a small remake of the first one. Is a bit longer though
and has different "scares".

List of files in the zip :

Readme.txt 1 Ko
scary_gmod_coop_X.bsp 6 099 Ko
scary_gmod_coop_x0000.jpg 209 Ko
scary_gmod_coop_x0001.jpg 113 Ko
scary_gmod_coop_x0002.jpg 236 Ko
scary_gmod_coop_x0003.jpg 136 Ko
scary_gmod_coop_x0004.jpg 90 Ko