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Garry's Mod

Downloaded : 9 times
Size : 36 587 K
64 slots
Version : Final/Stable 1

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Click on this link to download the map→ Rp_sunvale ←

Map description :

Mapper: Pretbek ||
Map Design: Pretbek, JoKaWi, Stupidz0mbie ||
Map Testers: Pretbek, JoKaWi, Stupidz0mbie, Resubi ||
Texturer: JoKaWi, Pretbek ||

Thank you for downloading RP_SUNVALE!

1. Install

2. General Information

3. Contact



To install my map simply do as followed:

Unzip the Zip folder rp_sunvale in:


IF you have done this correctly, you will have in /Maps: a file named rp_sunvale.bsp and a file named README



General Information about my map:

Hello, my name is pretbek and this is my very first map!
This map is mend to be played in Roleplaying gamemode such as DarkRP and others
Because this is my first map, it could be possible that there are several bugs around the map . but those are very rare due to my Super tester: JoKaWi
It took my hundreds of hours to create this map , and after thousands of Errors it's finally finished

The map Contains a serie of buildings that really fit the Roleplaying gamemode. Such as Shops, Hospital, parks and houses

There are 26 Enter-able Buildings:

Single Houses
pawn Shop
Police HQ

and more

Because this is my first map, there could be minor bugs in my map. But there is one BIG issue ive been dealing with,
and that was LAGG!! Low FPS in the map , everything gets rendered. Ive managed to fix it a bit, but its not ideal
So Should you have lagg, i suggest putting your graphics lower than usuall

If you are a experiend mapper and you know how to deal with this lagg, please send me an email with a solution, in case im
making a new map

I hope you will enjoy this map, and thanks for the download



To contact me , you can e-mail me at:

Spam = lame =], so only mail me with improvements or ideas about new maps,



Signed: Pretbek


List of files in the zip :

README rp_sunvale.txt 2 Ko
RP_Sunvale.bsp 36 579 K
rp_sunvale.vmt 1 Ko
rp_sunvale.vtf 5 Ko