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Day of Defea > Source

Downloaded : 0 times
Size : 7 234 Ko
33 slots
Version : Final/Stable 1

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Click on this link to download the map→ dod_ardennes_forest ←

Map description :

DoD_AxisInvasion Version 1 (public)
By Fakedawg
Web Site:

This map was specially made for Battle for Europe



Get off the beach without getting shot to pieces.

Secure three access routes up the cliff:
-Left flank: Use bangalores on the barb wire
-Centre: Use bangalores on the barb wire
-Right flank: Raise a ladder to scale the cliff

Take control over the Axis installation:
-Use the TNT (located on the beach)
to breach the door leading into the Axis Op Room
and take control of it!
(2 allies must hold the Op Room for 15 secs)


We are under heavy attack by the allied invasion
forces. Hold your positions as long as possible.
Axis wins after 15 mins...



Textures by:

Kamikazi - thnx a bunch for makin tons of
great public textures for DoD - check out
his site:

Xerent - thnx to you as well - I like you
even though your from Sweden...

Fragman - Thnx for the door and wood

Fakedawg - man you make some crappy
textures, you should stick to mapping!
Or maybe you oughta quit that too...

Thnx to:

And incredibly HUGE thnx goes to dim_reaper
for all the support he provides whenever
I wonder about stuff. Also for letting me
rip off all of his cool stuff like models,
sound, and great features - Stuff "stolen"
from dim includes:

- "dinging hedgehogs" (the wav also is his)
- being able to climb out over the side of
the landing crafts
- exploding dirt sprite
- Wave effect to get rid of water snipers
- Probably more stuff as well...

Thrik - for his beach ambience wav!

Sharpshot - for the buzz, easter egg
sounds and the dodambience2.wav
replacement (which I've renamed to
fdambience.wav to help me keep
files apart while working on the map...)

If you should find any textures (or other
stuff) you've made that you either don't
want me to use, or want credit for -
email me ASAP!!

A special thnx to Mr Gimpy for tellin me
the map sux... =oP

Also - thnx to everyone who played the
previous versions of the map and provided
valuable feedback (especially the regs who
play at FM!)



List of files in the zip :

dod_ardennes_forest.bsp 7 234 Ko