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Day of Defeat

Downloaded : 3 times
Size : 12 620 K
24 slots
Version : Final/Stable

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Click on this link to download the map→ dod_campagne ←

Map description :

DOD_CAMPAGNE by Andy Elliston (

July, 1944, Normandy

The battle of the hedgerows drags on. The Allies are having
a tough time advancing, and the Germans are having a field
day with the multitude of cover and concealment the bocage
affords them.

American Objectives:
- Destroy the Jagdpanther at the field
- Destroy the Tiger Tank at the Barn
- Cut the Telephone Wires
- Prevent the destruction of the bridges and church tower

German Objectives:
- Destroy the wooden bridge
- Destroy the stone bridge
- Destroy the Church Tower to prevent arty spotting
- Defend the Jagdpanther and Tiger

Note: The Germans will receive messages about the location of
the Americans via their communications system. When the
Americans cut the wires, the messages will cease.
(Thank you Waldo for this idea.)

Textures by: Daniel "Kleinluka" Luka, Arjan "IR" Bak,
Martijn "wizzard" Bak, Svante "xerent" Ekholm, Scott
"Kamikazi!" Jordan, Andy Elliston
Overview by: Dan "Hoooogaaan" O'Connor

List of files in the zip :

ReadMe.txt 1 Ko
dod_campagne.cfg 1 Ko
materials-paste into materials.txt in sound direct 1 Ko
dod_campagne.bsp 10 425 K
dod_campagne.txt 1 Ko
ae_bigbush.mdl 69 Ko
ae_medbush.mdl 69 Ko
ae_pole.mdl 24 Ko
ae_smallbush.mdl 69 Ko
ae_wirez.mdl 31 Ko
bomb.mdl 6 Ko
flo_becken.mdl 43 Ko
flo_cart.mdl 344 Ko
flo_toilet.mdl 269 Ko
p51.mdl 81 Ko
pliers.mdl 11 Ko
dod_campagne.bmp 787 Ko
dod_campagne.txt 1 Ko
ae_radiocall.wav 249 Ko
ae_snipsnip.wav 101 Ko
ae_cutwires.spr 4 Ko
ae_placetnt.spr 4 Ko
ae_pliers.spr 4 Ko
ae_tnt.spr 4 Ko
icon_obj_custom1_allies.spr 1 Ko
icon_obj_custom1_axis.spr 1 Ko
icon_obj_custom2_allies.spr 1 Ko
icon_obj_custom2_axis.spr 1 Ko
icon_obj_custom3_allies.spr 1 Ko
icon_obj_custom3_axis.spr 1 Ko