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Doom 3

Downloaded : 2 times
Size : 4 865 Ko
Version : Final/Stable

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Click on this link to download the map→ Viavgva ←

Map description :

Date: 12.July.2005

Instructions for viavga_dm3_bench:
Unzip the viavga_dm3.pk4 file to wherever your doom3ase folder is.
To enter the map use the in-game multiplayer map menu, where viavga_d3m should be listed.

Title : viavga_dm3
Filename : viavga_dm3.pk4
Author : Josh Holmes (Borg)
Email Address :
Additional credits : id Software for their generosity in making the DOOM 3 engine and assets available for editing.
: VIA Technologies and Gigabyte, for supplying me with hardware capable of playing and editing Doom 3.

Gameplay Specifics:
viavga_dm3 is the spirtual successor to viavga_d3_bench. This map has been made to be more suitable for deathmatch and team deathmatch, and has been tweaked for more consistant performance as well as being enlarged to suit more players. It is still a bit of a crusher though and players will need reasonably fast PC's for smooth performance. This map will be ported to Quake 4 soon after it is released.

We have found that viavga_dm3 doesn't create quite as much of a CPU bottleneck as the original viavga_d3_bench and thus it actually serves as a better benchmark map for graphics cards. At the time of release, however, we don't have an official benchmark timedemo available for this map, but it will be available for download shortly. Keep an eye on for the official benchmark timedemo.

You can create your own benchmark timedemo with relative ease. To create your own demo, place the following text into the DoomConfig.cfg file, which is located in the base folder:

set startrec "recordDemo; set demorec vstr stoprec"
set stoprec "stopRecording; set demorec vstr startrec"
set demorec "vstr startrec"
bind F10 vstr demorec

Pressing F10 will start recording a demo. Pressing it again will stop recording. The demo file this creates will be located in your base/demos folder.

Editor(s) used : DoomEdit
Construction time : 4 long days


List of files in the zip :

viavga_dm3.pk4 4 863 Ko
viavga_dm3_readme.txt 2 Ko