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Counter-Strike : Condition Zero

Downloaded : 7 times
Size : 6 476 Ko
32 slots
Version : Final/Stable 1.0


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Click on this link to download the map→ aim_hkger_akcolt ←

Map description :

aim_hkger_akcolt / Date: 2008-03-09

This is my first work on Mapping.

The Idea for this Aimmap occured to me, when I have other Aimmaps compared for our Clan "Headknockers Germany" (Condition Zero) to the purpose of training.

The Most Aimmaps are very simpel - Square building and a few walls, but unfortunately, "too easy". For a look at the whole Aimmaps: Stupid structure. Boring design. Asleep textures. And if had good textures, then the most Aimmaps really laggy. Or bugs, or errors in the map and opponents are rushing to the other side (and this is not the sense of "Aimmaps"). No hint of a "variety". A little variety and few opportunities "certain (standard) situations" to imitate of regulary Maps. After a few round has been no more lust to play. I will change with this map!

Storyline: It is a "Terrorism Training Ground" late in the evening extremely deep in the jungle, where the guerrillas trained. The CTs are in the Terrorists Boot Camp and "trapped" and can not go outside. The only hope -> A helicopter to pick up. The helicopter can not land, as long as the Ts were alive.

Mapdiscription: Large variety (on right "small" space). Almost all of the Standardmaps and Leaguemaps frequent Situations can be practiced. Some examples are: Shoots from a slope shoot; Shoots out windows; Shoots from Stairs; Shoot from the top; Shoots behind the trees; Shoot out of boxes, from corners etc. ect. Besides shoot you can "cover-search" exercise restraint, the penalties, which can be distinguished from one point to another move. Also, this map, "Prevent-shots" and practicing "foreboding where opponents may have a hidden" to promote - then, almost everything can be shoot through. This will also be somewhat forced in motion and not to remain in one place.

Specialities: And thanks Condition Zero are a few Gimmik's built-in - but i tell you not more... check this out!

So, thats was almost everything... almost... The Headknockers are a Condition Zero Clan. This Aimmap ist desgind for CZ, but its compability to CS and works fine on both Games!

Extract therefore everything either in your czero or cstrike directory (-> Steamsteamappsyouraccountcondition zeroczero or Steamsteamappsyouraccountcounter-strikecstrike ).

At end - Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand me anyway. And I hope you like my Aimmap.

-HK|GER- Phoenics
Headknockers Germany

PS: If their bugs, errors or problems, please contact/inform me ->


List of files in the zip :

aim_hkger_akcolt_thunder01.wav 140 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_remt01.wav 709 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_radio02.wav 180 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_radio01.wav 330 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_police01.wav 83 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_help01.wav 92 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_heli01.wav 149 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_ambience02.wav 354 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_ambience01.wav 593 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_tree01.mdl 141 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_skull02.mdl 15 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_skull01.mdl 21 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_skell02.mdl 61 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_skell01.mdl 55 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_radio02.mdl 39 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_radio01.mdl 97 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_helicopter.mdl 715 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_dead02.mdl 269 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt_dead01.mdl 268 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt.bsp 959 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt.res 1 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt03.jpg 173 Ko
readme.txt 2 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt02.jpg 151 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt.wad 750 Ko
aim_hkger_akcolt01.jpg 118 Ko