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Counter-Strike Source

Downloaded : 0 times
Size : 1 167 Ko
30 slots
Version : Beta


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Click on this link to download the map→ raving_mad_beta_1 ←

Map description :

Ok, this IS NOT A SERIOUS MAP. The T and CT spwans are mixed together, and there are no buyzones. I made this map so that my friends and I could start a server, talk, and listen to techno. This map simulates a rave in an warehouse, like they often are. Just screw around, hang out, and have fun. There is a desk with computers on it, and if want (like i do) you can grab the para on the desk and blow those damn computers to Microsoft Hell-Where Bill Gates is more of a greedy, dumbshit Nazi then he is right now. Also, there is a second level (as in many raves) that doesn't have a banister (like in many raves lol). Up there is a shitload of paras if you feel like blowing the shit out of each other. *Raving Tip* spin your mouse crazily, jump up and down, flash your flashlight on and off, and hey, why not get totally wated?

author: reflex| Mac Hack (author of de_atlantis_beta_1,2, and 3, as well as de_standoff)

Keep an eye out for my next map coming soon: cs_espionage_beta_1 ----->the home of the reflex clan

List of files in the zip :

raving_mad_beta_10003.jpg 231 Ko
raving_mad_beta_10001.jpg 247 Ko
raving_mad_beta_10000.jpg 184 Ko
raving_mad_beta_1.bsp 502 Ko
README.txt 1 Ko