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Call of Duty 2

Downloaded : 25 times
Size : 3 654 Ko
50 slots
Version : Final/Stable 2.0


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Click on this link to download the map→ mp_complex_v2 ←

Map description :


Mapped by eno:. aka lesbianemily.

File Info

CoD2 map - mp_complex_v2.iwd
Mapname - The Complex v2
Version - 2.0
Release Date - 11/01/08
Players - Any


Major structural changes including adding new rooms, replacing a passage and a wall with two large arches. Added new passageways, remodeled current passageways, moved several buildings to break up the uniformity of version 1. Various enhancements to give the map a more realistic feel. Resized a lot of windows to make it possible to climb through them.


20 DM Spawns
20 TDM Spawns
22 CTF spawns (11 per team)
40 SD Spawns (20 per team)
9 Radio positions for HQ gametype


Thanks to all those who contributed with feedback about the first version of this map. The main criticisms I recieved were that the map was too uniform, and quite constricted, especially in the passageway areas. To combat this I have opened up a lot of the passageways and in general given the map a much more open format. I have also moved several of the buildings to give a more jagged feeling, as well as retexturing a lot of the buildings. I believe this version has addressed most of the concerns raised, and should now provide an even better experience for gamers, while maintaining and enhancing the firefight opportunities. And you can now jump out of pretty much every window!

If you are wondering about the number of players this map can handle, we have had some very satisfying rifle matches with only 5 or 6 people, as well as some insanely intense and enjoyable firefights when running on MTO's full 48 person TDM server, so it has shown it can take pretty much any amount of people.

Again as always please provide feedback either to the email provided or to me on xfire(details below) as I will be doing a full conversion of this map for cod4 and any criticisms you have would be appreciated for the cod 4 version.

*This map was inspired by one of my favourite FPS levels of all time - Complex from Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64. So id like to give a big shout out to RARE for making such a fantastic FPS. The level is layed out in roughly the same fashion as the complex, something you will notice if youve played the old level.


Place the .iwd file into the games "main" folder.


dm tdm ctf sd hq

Contact Details

xfire - lesbianemily
email - lesbianemily AT gmail DOT com


RARE for making Goldeneye such a massively kick ass game and designing a killer level.


You are free to redistribute the map on CD, DVD etc, as long as it is non-profit, not modified, or "plugged" into a mod without notifying me. If you find any bugs, contact me via the info above.

List of files in the zip :

mp_complex_v2.iwd 3 188 Ko
pic1.JPG 86 Ko
pic2.JPG 87 Ko
pic3.JPG 69 Ko
pic4.JPG 60 Ko
pic5.JPG 103 Ko
pic6.JPG 55 Ko
readme.txt 3 Ko