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Redsquare Massacre NE
Call of Duty 2

Downloaded : 0 times
Size : 51 707 K
1 slots
Version : Final/Stable

Oups, Sorry...
Un probleme à été détecté sur cette map.
L'administrateur vient d'etre averti.

A probleme was detected on this map.
Administrator has just been contacted.

Map description :

'Redsquare Massacre'


'Redsquare Massacre'Normal Edition is the edited version of the original with all enemies consisting of normal health for the player that still wants
a great fps experience but without the grind of killing enemies with seemingly massive amounts of health as requested by the community. Do not think
the mission is now a push over it is not. Enemies just die quicker for flow purposes.
Story and briefing:

Your mission is simple repel the enemy attacks on Red Square and advance through one of the few open routes to the enemy docks
being used to reinforce the Soviet positions within the city.
You are well equipped and reinforced so the German high command expects
an easy victory in taking the square but will it be enough to crush an enemy so desperate to protect its motherland?


Completed:29/10/2011 Edited:19/03/2012

Creator: taintxs from moddb and B2F mod team.

Place created: South Australia

Build Time: 4-6 Months on and off,bit by bit work

Size: Massive,my biggest project so far and perhaps one of the biggest SP maps to date for cod2.

Type: Singleplayer/Alternative history.

Contact: joster-Xfire/ fatailant-steam


The Mods main page on moddb: (Please leave a comment!)

How to install:

Put the Redsquare.iwd inside your Call of Duty (2) main folder. Backup the original 'Redsquare' IWD if you still want the challenge edition. Replace
it with this one for normal health.

Run the SP shortcut and bring down ~ and type /map redsquare.


-Rewrite history as you fight as a German soldier in the battle-hardened 6th army,retaking Redsquare
-Massive environment
-Alternative paths in areas
-Different enemy spawns depending on where you go
-Traditional classic cod action
-Intense firefights
-(Hopefully) An atmosphere that will immerse the player.
-Boss fights (In the office district)
-Vertical combat and challenging terrain
-Detailed environments and level design.
-Backstory hidden throughout the map in the form of letters/noticeboard/books.
-Easter Eggs/hidden weapons.
-Accurate ai.
-Frequent auto-saves (My last mission lacked them on first release)
-Something new to challenge the Cod community (This will not be an easy mission,tread carefully)

- [NEW] Enemies consist of normal health
- [NEW] Slightly improved lighting and a few glitches fixed


The fantastic MCh2207Cz from the Back2Fronts Mod team.
Thanks to him for supplying me with custom models,posters and incredibly awesome set of custom sounds that made this map possible.

The Moddb community for testing and supporting me via messages and tracking my mod.

The Call of Duty community for testing and also supporting this mod with great feedback.

Infinity Ward of the good old days for releasing the tools to create such content at no cost!

berend-pukkel- The creator of the Belgian gate prefab


- Try Playing the map on hard for an extreme challenge.
- Be sure to kill a majority of the communist scum you see to get the full map experience and proper playability!!
- If you have any map breaking problems/bugs be sure to message me on moddb so I can fix them.

Known Issues:

-The MG42's are bugged if you try to use them. (You wont be needing to use them in the mission anyway)
-Might be some texture bugs/glitches in a few places.
-Playing normal stock missions may cause the enemies to attack you. If this is the case backup and delete the 'Redsquare' IWD



All content was created by taintxs with the help of the B2F modding team and you may not claim it as your own
(unless I give you permission to modify it)
You may upload this map to any CoD related mapping site (I encourage it)


List of files in the zip :

Redsquare Massacre Normal Edition README!.txt 4 Ko
Redsquare.iwd 42 527 K
1.jpg 173 Ko
2.jpg 227 Ko
3r.jpg 204 Ko
4.jpg 310 Ko
5.jpg 149 Ko
6.jpg 243 Ko
Thumbs.db 42 Ko
0stalingradarchiv330.jpg 57 Ko
0stalingradarchiv332.jpg 65 Ko
6-Stalingrad-Battle.jpg 25 Ko
IMG_00083.jpg 62 Ko
Redsquarecod.jpg 198 Ko
Thumbs.db 81 Ko
germansmovingStalingrad.jpg 30 Ko
germansstalingrad.jpg 40 Ko
sg2.jpg 92 Ko
sg3.jpg 95 Ko
stalingrad-attack.jpg 47 Ko
stalingrad.jpeg 48 Ko
stalingrad1.jpg 65 Ko
stalingrad2.jpg 55 Ko
stalingrad6.jpg 46 Ko
stalingradarch6.jpg 30 Ko
vlcsnap-2011-05-07-18h47m57s37.png 1 232 Ko
vlcsnap-2011-05-09-11h28m13s87.png 549 Ko
vlcsnap-2011-05-09-11h28m20s164.png 549 Ko
vlcsnap-2011-05-09-11h28m25s209.png 846 Ko
vlcsnap-2011-05-09-11h28m50s205.png 583 Ko
vlcsnap-2011-05-09-11h29m02s63.png 578 Ko
vlcsnap-2011-05-09-11h29m05s95.png 841 Ko
vlcsnap-2011-05-09-11h30m01s148.png 854 Ko
vlcsnap-2011-05-09-11h31m02s247.png 742 Ko